Written by Kristi Charish, which it turns out is the second novel in the Kincaid Strange series, is about a voodoo practitioner, the only one registered in the Northwest of the US, who raises zombies. But she has a few problems, including an ex she is trying to get going with again, an ancient wizard and ghost who is upset with her, a zombie that shouldn’t be there, and clients.

This isn’t a bad book. In fact, if you are a zombie fan, I highly recommend it. It involves a bit more of “how zombies are made” and different kinds, as well as the idea of what happens to a spirit and other interesting topics.

Its a decent book. It just wasn’t what I wanted to read, and wasn’t really my style. Part is because, again, I ended up hopping in on the second book. The other half is, it takes a lot for me to be interested in a zombie book. I do know a few folks who I will suggest this series to, see what they think.

A good choice for zombie fans who are tired of post-apocalypse stories and urban fantasy fans.


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