The Wolf at the End of the World: A Book Review

Written by Douglas Smith, this novel follows the death of a young native girl, killed by a beast of legend. Or is it a person of legend? Written from multiple view points, with a number of different cultures intertwined, native american being the foremost, this novel built a world.

Overall, I like this book, though I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had read a physical copy. This has another variation on shifters, these are the Heroka, who also have bonds with animals and… its all a little confusing.

And that was the problem. This book was enjoyable, just so very confusing. And I wish it was a more straight-forward story than how winding it ended up being. There was a large cast in this novel, and I think that the novelette that came before should have been included to help explain some things that they were all referencing.

The characters had depth and were good characters. An enjoyable novel overall just… a lot of information to digest.

I will toss this in with the other werewolf books, but this isn’t a werewolf book. It’s a shifter book.

If you like urban fantasy and want something that has a complex world and story, this is a good choice. A solid murder mystery conspiracy novel.


I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.


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