Written by Chloe Neill, Some Girls Bite is the first in her Chicagoland Vampire series. This is the series where the other book I read by her is its sequel. And I REALLY wish I hadn’t read the sequel first as I just want to push through this to the ending that I know is coming.

This novel is written well and is honestly a great introduction to how Urban Fantasy SHOULD be written. Neill did a fantastic job of building her world and catching her readers up to what is going on in this series. We get to meet Ethan Sullivan and a whole cast of characters for Merit to interact with, and they are all either flushed out well or only mentioned in passing. If you want a two-dimensional character without having a character that your readers will complain about, mention them only in passing. Don’t let them become a big part of anything. Give them enough character so they are slightly interesting, but keep it vague and to a minimum. A character that is the perfect example of this is Merit’s roommates boyfriend at the beginning.

With that said, it did feel like this novel had some odd pacing. Moving slow in some areas and fast in others, in instances that it felt that those timing methods should have been reversed.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel and will continue to work my way through the series.

If you like Paranormal, Urban Fantasy novels, this is a good fit. There is action, mystery, love interests, the whole nine yards. And it is written in such a way that you can move through this book at a good pace. JUST DON’T READ THE NEXT SERIES FIRST, it will ruin everything for you.


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