Full Moon: A Dresden Book Review

Full Moon, written by Jim Butcher, is the second novel in the Harry Dresden Files series (click here to read my review of the first novel), and this continues on the same road as the first. This is an okay novel, but I had to struggle through to finish it. Not because it is a…Read more Full Moon: A Dresden Book Review


The Rise of Andrew Jackson: A Book Review

Written by  David S. Heidler and Jeanne T. Heidler, this novel takes a more unique writing angle compared to other Jackson biographies as this book looks at his life and actions through a number of third party view points. People whom I have never heard of, but who interacted with Jackson. This biography also take a…Read more The Rise of Andrew Jackson: A Book Review

The Winter People: An Audio Book Review

Written by Jennifer McMahon, The Winter People has two time lines, Sarah's in the early 1900s, and modern day with Ruthie and Cathryn. Sarah believes in the Winter People, and The Sleepers, loved ones who have passed away and been brought back. Ruthie lives in her old house, a hundred years later. This entire novel is…Read more The Winter People: An Audio Book Review

Bellewether: A Book Review

Written by Susanna Kearsley, Bellewether follows Charley, a woman who's brother recently passed and has moved in with her niece, as she begins working with a general contractor Sam to restore a pre-Revolution war of a fictional war hero. This novel also follows Lydia Wilde, the sister of the war hero, and Jean-Philippe de Sabran, a…Read more Bellewether: A Book Review