The Frog Prince: A Book Review

Written by Jane Porter, The Frog Prince follows Holly as she moves to San Francisco¬† to work for a PR firm and try to get over her recent divorce. I honestly have a lot of feelings about this book. This isn't a fantasy book. This is a novel about a woman who is having to…Read more The Frog Prince: A Book Review


Now a Major Motion Picture: A Book Review

Written by Cori McCarthy, Now a Major Motion Picture (out April 3rd) follows Iris, the granddaughter of a famous fantasy novelist, as she and her younger brother journey to Ireland to watch the filming of their grandmother's first novel on screen. I loved this book. The characters have depth without relying on a lot of…Read more Now a Major Motion Picture: A Book Review

Happily: A Book Review

Written by Chauncey Rogers, Happily follows Laure, a street urchin girl who caused the ruin of Luc, trying to trick the crown into thinking she is the girl with the glass slipper so that she can pay Luc back. So, let us start with this: this is a young adult book, written for Rogers' daughter.…Read more Happily: A Book Review