About Me

Don’t worry, this will be different from the About Me page. At least a little bit. This will be about me and what I want from this blog/review site. To begin with, there will be two sections: the blog, and the portfolio. The blog will sum up my efforts to find a job, make something with my life, and my overall feelings about things. The super typical blogging thing.

But, the portfolio should be where it gets to be a bit more interesting. I’m going to start with books, movies, and TV shows that I have read/watched and what I think of them. You know, the typical review thing. The challenging thing for me is that I would like to put something up every day, and I am still figuring out how a blog works and all the different things that I can do on here. If you have pointers, I’ll take them. I don’t know if I will listen, but I will try.

Maybe I’ll even cover some mainstream things on the blog site.

Wish me luck? Thanks!


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