Post Agents of Shield Binge

Well, I binged all three seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Before I go into specific thoughts, here are some of the points I went through while watching it:


  • Episode 1: Well, this isn’t as high budget as I was hoping.
  • Ah, the good old, she has skills, even though she broke into our system we will take her into our group to keep an eye on her.
  • Well that’s neat.
  • Am I going to get to see anyone from the movies on here?
  • CYBOR… wait, Deadlock? Didn’t they hint to him in Captain America: Civil War? Are we going to see the other three who were hinted at? Now, if only I could remember who they were.
  • So, you did all of this because you think your mom might be somehow connected?
  • Oh, so, Sky brings death, huh? What are y’all going to do with this?
  • This explains more on the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. I appreciate this.
  • FITZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! You are too good for any of this!
  • Well, there went one of my favorite personality, and duo.
  • Is this their replacement for mutants?
  • Well that’s an interesting back story for Sky.
  • Huh. Neat.
  • I find myself invested in this show.
  • WTF, she is going by Daisy now? I mean, a nice sentiment, but come on y’all. Don’t confuse us.
  • This is their replacement for mutants. I don’t like it. I see what you did there “evolve”. Darn it.
  • SIMMONS. Why can’t people just stay the same, huh?
  • I think you may have made Phil a little too real here.
  • SOLID KILL. I approve.
  • Of course the bad guy didn’t stay behind, you got rid of him only half way through the season.
  • Good twist, good twist.
  • Is he the blue replacement for Hank? Because, you know, he is blue and super strong and smart? Because I reject the replacement.
  • What happened to controlling the vibration of atoms? I don’t think that is how the mechanics of that power would actually work.
  • Of course he dies. No one I like can have a happy ending.

So, a lot of thoughts. Not as good as I was hoping. Maybe if they had a bigger budget? In my opinion the best actors were: May, Phil, Electro, Simmons, and Fitz. Oh, and Mac and the agent who got killed in the mist were good too.

I can’t decide if I just don’t like the character or if I don’t like the actress who plays Sky/Daisy. She is so whiny. Seriously. And definitely has a TV feel, not much of a film feel.

AND WHY DIDN’T WE GET ANYONE FROM THE MOVIES? Particularly in the last season? Or bring in one of the bad guys? Have a little bit more of a cameo? Maybe get some Loki? Did love what we got about Asgard and the Kree. Really liked that. I was hoping that it might be a hint for future things?

Now, will there be a fourth season?

Please, be on the lookout for an actual review. These are just thoughts and feelings from the show. I do love the fact that they have full seasons.


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