Today’s Thoughts

No, this won’t have politics.

I will even be staying away from a certain celebrity relationship that may seem a little iffy in its authenticity.

And, no, I won’t be discussing my lack of a job. Though I’m sure you would all love to here that.

What I will be discussing is the change in movie styles between today and the eighties. First thing, let us define the term “campy”. To me, campy means a B movie with a plot line that is flimsy at best, with poor acting, and poor staging.

Recently, particularly with certain well done Superhero movies (cough Guardians of the Galaxy cough) we have been able to see movies that have an eighties feel that are WELL DONE  and cinematically beautiful. I love how new movies look. Clear, crisp, and we seem to have finally gotten away from the shaky came, thank you!


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