The Current Binge: Being Human (US)

To begin, yes, I watched the British version first. I watched it… five years ago. That is to say that I have not watched series 5. It’s on my vary long to-do list.

I remember when the US version fist came out, I was very upset. Everything was the same- they had not only taken the idea, but everything from the original. I thought it was a waste and refused to watch it. I saw the original, why re-watch it?

However, finally taking the time to do this binge, I can see the err in my ways. The characters are different, and in some ways handled better. I still love the UK version, and they will likely always be first because, well, they were first. But I like the cinematic style of the US version and I am understanding that they are doing their interpretation and handling of the story.

So far, no big complaints. Though it is a little difficult knowing where the story is going and still having it move so slowly.

Also, CHROMECAST, WHY YOU NO WORK? I have been having issues. Lots of issues. Only with my TV of course, not any other chromecast in the house. The joy.

Also, working on reading and editing some more books. Stay on the lookout for some reviews! And I will be doing some backlog of very old books that I want to review. Because everyone can use some more excuses to write and work on their skills.

If you are looking for an editor to take a look at your work, let me know! Looking for authors to work with.


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