Thinking Back… Reign

Hello! After looking through Pinterest, I stumbled upon a pin for Reign. Now, Reign is a decent show- solid 4/5 stars. The issues I have with it- now, I haven’t seen this show for at least a year – consisted of the inaccuracies it held.

And the effort they went to insure they could continue making episodes. And a bit of the acting. I get it, they were trying to go for over the top, and the first season was amazing! I think it was the second season that lost me.

Yes, I know, I need to finish the series before I comment on it, which is why you won’t find a review for it on my portfolio. Yet. May still write one up.

It is wonderful to see me historical stories becoming popular. Could we maybe get one with Egypt too? Maybe just do the mythology- even the royals who created the myths?

What are your thoughts?


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