Yes, I do know the answer to this. It often has to do with Copywrite, what they can and can’t get, and simply the contracts they have.

I fully understand why they DON’T have everything.

This also is not me saying I would be willing to spend more money to have everything because I am not. My issue is that they put up a new show, in this case a show in Canada, Murdoch Mysteries, that does not premier in the US, and do not post all of the seasons that have been made. Or at least, all but the current season.

This, I take an issue to. Why? Why do you do this? Because you know people will watch the show. And some, like myself, will binge watch all 7 seasons currently available. No, it really isn’t very difficult, considering that all but season 7 only have 14 episodes. No, this is not the most wonderful thing ever, but I enjoy it. Yes, the actors aren’t always the best, but they also don’t repeat the same story arc over and over. I mean, yes, someone dies, and you know they will be revealed the last five minutes, but how they die and the circumstances are different. Probably because they do only have 13 episodes a season.

But the show its self is so interesting! They bring in real historical figures, perhaps not as accurately portrayed as they could be or would have never been in that location at that time, but still! It is so good! Gah. But I am not willing to pay $30 to watch season 8. I am a cheap individual.

Instead, I shall complain about it on a blog that has less than 10 followers.

At least with American shows you have gotten better, usually you will keep up to date for the seasons through the last year. But this hurts me, just a bit.

In other news, I have finished Murdock Mysteries through season 7. Highly recommend to history fans and mystery fans. I think you will appreciate what this series brings. They also do a very good job of handling topics that are rather dark in a light way so that, I think, even a child could watch this show.


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