We All Have Those People Who Won’t Listen To Reason

And, sometimes, we are those people. I can acknowledge that. The best example is, when I was in middle school, refusing that ligers are a real creature. (If you are still in that camp, know that you can’t find one in the wild. Be thankful.)

But we all also know those people. If you think you don’t, you are one of those people. Sorry. Didn’t mean to burst your bubble.

These are the people who assume that something they read is correct. They don’t look into any background information. OR, they assume that something written “by the establishment” (whichever establishment that may be) is WRONG and my crazy no-backup website that is telling me otherwise is right! So, there!

Look into independent research. Do some of your own. That “flushable” wipe you have? Put a CLEAN one in a bowl of water. Does it break down? What if you beat it? Still no? Then, I am sorry to tell you, you should not be using them. At least, not regularly. If you use a lot, as in a few times a day, you will likely clog something at some point. When? I don’t know. It is POSSIBLE that you won’t. But do you really want to take that chance?

But why do we refuse to see reason? Or to listen to anyone else’s opinion. I know, for me, either I think they have no real backing or I am just in a bad mood. Maybe I have had people hound me on this topic so much. Maybe I don’t want the person to be right. Maybe I am just being stupid-stubborn.

My favorite is when you pull out all of the argument stops. You reason with them. Logic them. Back up everything you say with proof. And, still, they don’t listen to you. In the end, you accept defeat or anger.

Don’t stop fighting using reasoning. Be smart. Know what is a good resource. Use your brain! If it doesn’t make sense, find out why it doesn’t. And listen to people who argue with you. Don’t assume you are right. And don’t only use sources from one side. Look at the whole picture. Please?


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