I Will be Delving into Supernatural, and I’m a Little Concerned

Some backup information: I have seen this show before. Sam and Dean are not new to me. I have probably seen somewhere around a hundred episodes. Never in a row, and generally it was more of a something-to-watch-in-the-moment, or a very cute guy invited me to their watching party. Yeah, I don’t need alone time, nah, just to sit next to you while watching a movie or show with a group of at least six other people. College.

I know enough to understand the basics. To understand all the discussions on Tumbler, Pinterest, and throughout the internet. However, I have never been able to get fully into the show. Couldn’t say why, probably because I had other shows I was watching. And movies. And I usually wasn’t the biggest fan of how the mythology was portrayed. Yeah, that’s probably it. I remember not liking the werewolves very much.

But, it is time. Time to watch all that there is on Netflix. This time, I will keep an update of how it goes. I don’t have high hopes. When I did this with Merlin last winter, I was very disappointed. Oh, it had it’s good points. But – I am a fan of staying closer to the true stories of Arther, Merlin, and the Round Table. An interesting take, certainly, but not the best thing. It also didn’t have the highest budget, which was evident…

So, I will give Supernatural a chance.


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