Supernatural Binge: I Found the Episode

That caught my attention. Season 1, Episode 9. In this episode, the boys return to their childhood home after Sam has a vision – just like he had before he returned home to his dead girlfriend.

I really can’t put my finger on what about this episode got me to watch. It might be that they finally fed our curiosity from the first episode. From the opening scene.

Again, I am well aware of where this journey will be taking me. Because I am typing this as I am watching episode 10, it is interesting to see how they work this story arc. They seem to be doing the classic, every episode has its own and the season has an overarching story. Unlike other series, they constantly talk about the overarching story without making regular progress. I often find myself drawn to series that either a) have very little arching story lines and are really just references to past episodes or b) every episode’s story is moving and aiding that overall story. You are literally seeing snapshots of the story line.

So, I may have finally found my Supernatural stride. Yay?


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