Why Balto is My Favorite Disney Movie

So, this is definitely a new revelation. Balto is the first Disney movie I remember seeing. I had a Jenna stuffed animal that I mourned losing in the Big Move for years. Thinking back, it explains why I became such a big movie fan.

Balto is one of those very underrated Disney movies. You know the ones I am talking about: Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Rescuers, The Great Mouse Detective, to an extent Hercules (SUCH A GOOD MOVIE). The movies that you remember, but generally don’t get discussed a lot. The movies that actually have a bit of a darkness, that aren’t mostly bright and sunny and happy. Balto is a movie with a very dry sense of humor and doesn’t hide the fact that it’s main character is ostracized from everyone else in town.

It is a movie that you have to think about. Yes, it has a talking goose. It’s Disney. It also has some amazing visuals and is educational.

This movie led to a lifetime love of wolves.

Watching almost every movie I can.

And at some point, I started answering the question “What’s your favorite Disney movie?” differently. I don’t know why. But I started going with a different movie. My opinion never changed. I have seen all of the sequels, which really aren’t the best.

I am disappointed in myself for doing that. I don’t know why I did it.

I will now be answering that question honestly.



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