The Current Binge: Supernatural

IT CONTINUES, most of my binge posts will likely be about Supernatural for the foreseeable future. Its got a lot of episodes y’all. I am now on Season 2. I know that a werewolf episode is coming up at some point. I am not looking forward to that episode, I have already seen it once.

So, this show still has my attention, though I don’t really get the “hunting to keep busy” thing that is going on right now. Also, Dean was supposed to die twice already.

Really show? Really? Okay, whatever. I shall continue on. I WILL FINISH YOU! Or, at least, what is on Netflix. Gosh, I really should just turn this on in the morning and as soon as I get home if I want to be able to watch all of my Halloween-themed shows/movies come October first.

I can’t wait to change all of my ringtones/notifications!!


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