This is for the entire series, and this is a discussion. I will try to stay away from any spoilers. For the specific books, check back to the portfolio!

To begin: I enjoy this series. I enjoy the characters: Blue, the Raven Boys, the Grey Man. This story, you have no idea the adventure you are in for while searching the world for a kind.

That being said, I have mixed feelings about the writing style. I have always had mixed feelings about Maggie Stiefvater. I do not know where she is from, I believe she is American. The reason I say that is because her writing reads like a poem, or like someone who’s first language was not English. She has a very unique writing style. I would not recommend her books to any of my friends who don’t read. I know them, and they would have some issues following her writing. It is very broad and intrinsic in very specific ways.

Again, I have mixed feelings. I read all of the Shiver series, and the final Raven Cycle book came out this last April. I did only just now get around to reading it because I could not get past the first pages. You need to become engrossed in that writing, and to become properly engrossed you need to be in the right state of mind. I haven’t been until recently, I am a bit ashamed to admit.

Reading her writing is like going kayaking. Anyone who goes regularly knows that, generally, it can be fairly calm. But sometimes you can only barely predict where the waves will come from, but the overall feel is miraculous. You can understand what adrenaline is for a time, till you go out on a calm day and just do a few laps around the pond. Again, your arms may burn a bit, but overall it is smooth and easy.

Her books are not for the casual reader, unless you are a casual reader because you hate the traditional structure in novels. Also, maybe don’t read this series on a phone. I had everything on Nook and decided to read it on my phone instead of my wonderful Nook. Really, maybe don’t do that. Get this book as a paperback. It will help to get you to focus.

If you are debating getting into this series, give it the first chapter. If you don’t like the style, stop. If you are intrigued, keep going. This author may just be for you.

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