Book Review: Witches of Demon Isle

To be clear, this is not a singular book, but a series. I only read the first 2 books in the series. And here are the reasons why you should not bother if you like engaging stories:

  • This is an Amazon Serial book. For those of you who have not been privy to this sort of writing before, it usually has more than 5 books, each of which are often about 100 pages or less, each ends in a cliff hanger, and gives you just enough of the overall story to keep going.
  • This book needs editing. If interested, I can provide editing services. I will not/hate paying for a book that so clearly needs another edit run.
  • This book has no depth. Sure, it’s an engaging read, but it does not have enough of a story to justify 9 books and counting.
  • This reads like stories I find on Wattpad. Stop it. I can read those over there- a published book should be polished.
  • This is why I don’t like self published books.

I won’t be buying any more books by this author- who has 3 different pen names! If you like a lot of fluff, you may like this novel. I know I was not happy when I realized my free book would require me to pay for 7 more to finish the story- that was not worth 9 books.


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