Lullaby: An Audio Book Review

This book is by Amanda Hocking and is the second book in her Water Song series about mermaids. I don't know why I got this book. Oh yeah, I wanted to find out what happened with Harper and Daniel. That is also the only, ONLY reason I kind of want to read the last two…Read more Lullaby: An Audio Book Review


Wake: An Audio Book Review

Written by Amanda Hocking, this story follows two sisters Gemma and Harper, as Gemma goes through a transformation while boys are disappearing from town. Here is a book I enjoyed, which is ironic because I found Hockings other series, about trolls, to be rather dull. But, I found this interesting in a good light-hearted, easy…Read more Wake: An Audio Book Review

Severance Lost: A Book Review

Let me begin with an honest truth: I have not finished this book. Let me continue with: I will one day finish this book. However, this is a novel that is not conducive to coming and going and only reading a page or two here and there. Severance Lost is set in a new world…Read more Severance Lost: A Book Review

A Second Hand Life: A Book Review

Written by Pamela Crane, this book reminded me of Twilight. Shall I explain? First, this is an interesting premise. A girl has a heart transplant and 22 ¬†years later starts to re-live memories that the original owner of the heart experienced before she died. Now on to the nitty-gritty. Second, Mia is a terrible character.…Read more A Second Hand Life: A Book Review

The Once and Future King: A Review

Horribly disappointing. Written by T.H. White, this book, ON THE COVER, totes itself as being "THE WORLD'S GREATEST FANTASY CLASSIC". Lies. Give me my Hobbit any day. If I was still in middle school, I may have enjoyed this story more. This is another re-telling of King Arthur, that is that it sadly only shows…Read more The Once and Future King: A Review

Why Monetization May Not Be the Best for Art

Shall we begin with qualifications: I am discussing written art and film/TV. I am discussing mainstream that was not originally planned as it was executed. Alright, this is what I mean: Dragging out a story for more than it is. If you planned the book to be a standalone and you write another three because…Read more Why Monetization May Not Be the Best for Art