Binge Update: Supernatural and All the Netflix

Back to Supernatural! Until I found out that there is a new season of Last Man Standing. HOWEVER, I finally made it to meeting Castiel in Season 4 Episode 1. Y’all, I thought he was in here from season 1 given how everyone always obsesses over him.

I forsee this plot line playing out over and over again. I am honestly wondering if this was the end-game the whole time. In some ways, I would have liked it if this over-arching story was a bit more subtle and it focused on the episode storylines more. Also WHY DID THEY GO HUNTING ALL THE TIME IF DEAN WAS GOING TO DIE. There, I just wanted to get that off my chest.

I am a bit too busy for an in-depth analysis. So, to future me!

Oh, and two new reviews: Mysteries of Laura, Season 2s Longmire Season 5


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