Self Publishing Authors: You are My Bane

Shall I explain?

I don’t enjoy reading anything that has poor grammar. To have a shallow story line that undermines a plot that has such potential, it hurts. Honestly, if you are not willing to put in the money, the time, or the effort to make your work as amazing as it can be, why not just put it out there for the world to read for free?

Also, doing the whole serial writing just to make more money, not okay. Though, admittedly, that is proof that those individuals want to know what is happening to your characters. It may also show some poor taste, but who am I to judge?

That you don’t have to advertise that the book is self-published in the title also bothers me. Though, if I am only paying $3 for a book, I should also know better. I should just go to the library more often. If only I knew where the library was in my new city. That would help, a lot.

Another trend I have noticed, that you don’t find in other books, republishing the same book with three different authors and having “R” and “non-R” versions. I get it, trying to have a broader audience, but if you want a broad audience, don’t make the R version. Or only make the R version and make some changes in the “for everyone” version.

Prove that you have writing skills. If you are going to pander to a market that will pay you for your 100 page works than pander to them. Don’t pander to everyone. We have a very different book economy today than 100 years ago. We can read a lot of material for free – most of that material needs a lot of work. Some are amazing, and may never be picked up by a big publisher for the very reason of giving it away for free. Maybe some people just want to write.

I don’t like paying for an unfinished work.


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