Hey, Published Authors, Please Don’t Do This

What do I mean by ‘this’, you ask? Well, today I mean start a series and never finish it. There is a certain author, who I am very tempted to name, who has done this very sinable thing, who is also releasing a new book. This new book was featured on a certain BookTube Blogger, and me being me, I went onto this author’s website to see if there were any updates to the state of the series.

There are none. I have been waiting for this sequel for over 3 years. She also was promising an off-shoot series about some brothers. I am so tempted to do what I never do, write fanfiction. Maybe I should look to see if anyone has done that…

Authors, don’t promise things to your readers. If she had not been promising this, I would have assumed she has joined the Published Authors Who Can’t Write An Ending Club. Yup, this is a thing. I’ll have to write up the list that I have found thus far at some point. FUTURE POST IDEAS!

But, seriously authors, do not promise books you can not deliver on. I think, to an extent, I agree with an artist who has said that block doesn’t really exist. You keep writing. Even if it is terrible, you can keep going. We just want to know where these characters go! That being said, I am not a published author so maybe I know nothing. Then don’t promise us things!

In other news, please keep liking, following, and commenting! I am working to keep building this site, but it is taking a bit of time. I should have some new books coming in the mail!


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