Current Binge: Vampire Diaries and Why I Hate You (TV Edition)

I used to watch this series. In fact, I think I religiously watched this show the first three seasons.

Recently, Netflix just put up season 7.

I should not have clicked on it.

Now, I read these books, which stopped coming out in 2010. I remember this was a series I read just to read – I needed something to read and they were available in the library. There were some things in it I enjoyed, but I never really thought more of it other than one random scene in the… third or fourth book where the main character was floating and very lalala.

Shall we make the reasons I won’t be watching seasons 8 a lovely list?

  1. The relationships get tossed to the side. “We have been through so much, but I actually want your brother.” “Oh, we were friends, let me date your ex-boyfriend.” Admittedly, I don’t have any drama of this kind in my life. Do you know why? Because most people don’t behave like this. If they do, they don’t spend a lot of time around them anymore. If you are about 200 years old and have found your true love, I would hope you know that is your true love and will stand by them no matter what. Otherwise, what have you learned in your long life?
  2. STOP TIME JUMPING! Seriously, this isn’t Doctor Who. Stop it. Gah. Also, you have a family and two girls – seems like you were pretty happy up until this point.
  4. These stories have very little to keep me in. You killed off a bunch of my favorite characters. The plot is so outlandish. This may also be the reason that I can’t seem to finish my Supernatural Binge. Not a fan of the same plot being re-hashed. Which is very ironic because I love murder mystery series. But those own-up to the fact that they repeat the same architecture with every episode.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t worth a list. BUT COME ON! Why is this show still on. It seems like the actors don’t even enjoy it at this point. Gah. Show, learn when to stop.


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