What’s A Soulmate: A Book Review

3.5 stars out of 5. I just want to start with that. 4 if I have to use a whole number, and here is why:

I enjoyed this story. I was SO excited for the concept: a world where you see in black and white until you find your soulmate. And a soulmate isn’t necessarily romantic. However, the story didn’t quite live up to the premise.

Lindsey Ouimet, the writer, decided not to change anything from how we live to how life would be slightly different if only 60% of the adult population can see in color. And, there would be a number of difference. I was looking forward to seeing that. I was looking forward to seeing how everyone matches their clothes, if those who can see adjust for those who can’t or if the majority rules. How, once you can see, it is so hard not to mention it in passing or how it suddenly is hard to comprehend not only the colors but if they actually affect your life. This story, though, revolves around Libby and Drew, and how Libby is trying to understand why her Match is in juvie. And if she can help him.

What saved this book is how Ouimet handled the relationship. It was subtle, and wary. Different in how it approached and created the relationship, but still, follows the current trend of teen novels, though the romance isn’t as mushing – excluding one scene. But, the idea is what drew me to the book – had me requesting to read it – and left me disappointed. The characters are strong, they have some depth, and it isn’t a long book. A good quick read if you are looking for something lighthearted with a touch of sweet.

I was able to read this book digitally thanks to the publisher in exchange for an honest review, Evernight Teen via NetGalley.com.


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