Needing Someone for Fun

I just need one person. I need one person who will go to concerts with me. Go to the park. Go for a drive. To have fun with.

Maybe it’s because I am a girl. Maybe it’s because, growing up, I was always told the worst thing so that my hopes wouldn’t be destroyed. (I know that sounds horrible, but it’s actually great.)

But, I don’t think it’s either of those. Growing up I was never told I couldn’t do this. I was told that I needed someone by my side. When you go to the city, having someone at your back is nice. It makes you less of a target. It makes it clear that people care.

Now, most of the guys I know don’t have this issue. But, they also aren’t introverts. They don’t hate crowds. They don’t watch the people around them constantly.

Most people don’t. 

And going out with someone who has the same disposition is great sometimes, but not the best when experiencing new things. Then, I can’t be comfortable and know that someone else will calm me down. I need to be that person.

I miss my adventure buddies. My concerts buddy. My shopping buddies.

And I don’t know how to explain why I miss them and need them.


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