Horribly disappointing.

Written by T.H. White, this book, ON THE COVER, totes itself as being “THE WORLD’S GREATEST FANTASY CLASSIC”. Lies. Give me my Hobbit any day.

If I was still in middle school, I may have enjoyed this story more.

This is another re-telling of King Arthur, that is that it sadly only shows us his childhood and then goes over to Lancelot and his story. Part of this disappointment has to do with the writing style, most of it has to do with White constantly telling me what he wants me to get out of the story. And all of the historical references to more modern stories that are SO UNNECCISSARY! It was a pain to work to finish this book, and I only did because it is a tale of King Arthur.

There was only a passing mention of the Lady of the Lake, of the quests, the second half of the novel was focused on Lancelot and Jenny. And that is the most hated part of the story for me. Always have been.

If you are into King Arthur, it is worth the read to see the interpretation, but if not, don’t bother. Seriously.


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