Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: A Movie Review

I never read the book. That feels good to get off my chest, now to continue! 

This movie follows Jake as he tries to come to terms with his Grandfather’s death. It should be noted that he had already accepted that he is crazy, and so have his parents. In order to get past this, he and his father go to Wales to visit the children’s home his grandfather lived in.

I greatly enjoyed this film, but this is not a kids film. Teen, sure. But, from some of the trailers I thought it was a children’s show. Nope. The kids are interesting, though I wish some were fleshed out a bit better.

This reminds me of the… was it Vampire’s Assistant? Anther movie based on a book series that never got a sequel. And I honestly don’t know if this book is a series or simply has other books in the same world.

It was good, worth my time.


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