This is one of my favorite series, and this book did not disappoint! So, down to business.

The 5th, and potentially last, book in Anne Bishop’s The Other series follows Monty, the liaison for the police department and The Other, as his dirty brother comes to town expecting to live off of The Others, Meg continuing to find out how to deal with her life-threatening visions, and Simon trying to figure out if friendship is enough for him.

The Others have taken over and retaliated against the humans in Thiasia, and the elders are watching Lakeside to determine how much human they should keep. The elders are ancient and terrifying creatures.

This book is wonderful and feels like more than one book with all the activity that goes on! That being said, this is the 5th book in a series, possibly the finale (which I will get to) and SHOULD NOT BE THE FIRST READ. Go read these in order. At some point this week I will do an article about this whole series that I own on my nook and may buy in print to have for easy comparison. (Clearly, I have a problem.)

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Now, this may be the last book, at least from Simon and Meg’s point of views, and I do not like that. This series has had a slow burn between the two that, literally, turns into a relationship in the last chapter.

I WANT MORE! I want to see how everyone else reacts to them. I want to see where they go. I want to know more! Just one more book. I think that would be enough.


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