Why School Dress Codes are the Worse

First, they make you conform to what everyone else is okay with seeing of you.

You have some awesome pants that just barely stay on that you want to show off? Not today teenage boy. Been working the last two weeks and want to show off that stomach? Not today, teenage girl. Want to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to that interview? Not today… oh wait, that’s me.

What’s that, about the world outside of high school? That, you are judged by the picture you represent every single day? That, I might have to wear DRESS CLOTHES every working day? That high school is actually super easy about what you have to wear compared to most work places, and is only strict when compared to college? 

If, as a society, we are going to complain about dress codes at school, we need to complain about having to wear a certain outfit for an interview, or any other first impression. That is something I can get behind. I hate dress clothes, the only time I want to dress up is if I choose to. What is that, I chose to go to an interview?

Well, boo! I would do better in clothes I am comfortable in. News flash: girls dress clothes are not comfortable. Unless the top is sleeveless, you can’t really move, the pants always feel too thin, and I would rather wear boots to my interview.

Yeah, I went there. But, as long as these HARD TO DESCRIBE  (go on, look up business casual for women, I dare ya) exist, those school dress codes serve these the purpose of learning to dress for where you are. I have been lucky in that I could literally wear whatever I want to work at my current place (seriously, one guy has holes in places we won’t speak of ) and I doubt I will ever get that again. Unless I wear FR clothes, then I might. GO SAFETY!

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