Where Should I Live?

This is something I have struggled with. You would think “engineer, clearly they know what they want to do ” and you would be wrong. Part of the reason I got this degree is because it is super flexible.

I don’t know where I want to live. I’m not extraordinarily happy where I am now, but when I went to an interview in a place I should be happy at, I felt very … meh. I would be able to do a lot of weekend trips. The job itself would be fine.

We need to remind ourselves: humans are adaptable. We introverts have a much harder time of adjusting, and frankly the idea of moving scares me.

Some of us are lone wolves, and some of us need a partner. I need a partner. Not necessarily a husband, but someone I can ALWAYS turn to. Those of you who have that person, finding the place you should live should be easier!

I want to live somewhere where I can dance, have horses, have a shop to build and create and fix, and work someplace where I can earn enough to become debt free. After I no longer have any debts, and can manage my money to not have to work in my old age if I don’t want to, I would love to go do something simple and flexible.

But that is a pipe dream, it will likely never happen. But I would like to have a nearly stress free job. When that happens, life will become boring and I might start to get itchy feet. But, isn’t that how life is supposed to work?

How many people truly know where they want to live? How many people chase their own memories, never to find them again?

I don’t know where I want to live. I have found a few places, but they have no jobs or no one there wants to hire me.

And so, I keep looking.


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