This is what is going to happen: you are about to read a two part review. The first part will be from an Archie Comics fan point of view, the second from a TV plot, cinematic point if view.

From the Comics fan:

THIS SERIES IS TERRIBLE AND ATROCIOUS. Seriously, this is supposed to be a fun and very 60s style cast. Not a murder mystery terrible people cast!

STOP IT NOW. I mean, the only character who actually looks right is Archie and maybe Betty. 

The comic characters would not react like these characters.

Now, from a TV point of view.

The plot line is SO interesting! I don’t recognize any of the main teen actors – which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I think that Dylan O’Brian would have been fantastic as Jughead -real or this one. 

The cinematography of this series is fantastic – the shots!

The plot keeps you on your toes!

But, the only way I can appreciate this is to pretend it isn’t based on the Comics. Honestly, this bares no similarities to the comics outside of names.


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