Blog Post: Unpacking Update

To all of the authors who have been trying to contact me- I WILL RESPOND!

To everyone, there will be more updates. I have been busy packing, moving, and now unpacking and realizing that I need more furniture so that I can actually store all of my stuff.

Here is what I have also realized: no matter how good of an apartment I will always have issues with it because I can not do what I want to do. I can’t get a different washer and dryer. I can’t screw my bookcases to the wall. I can’t park my car anywhere.

So, for at least a year, I will be back to surviving. To trying to go somewhere else to get to a house I am comfortable in.

I am in a new city where I know no one. Yes, the intimidation has not hit me yet. I know it will. In preparation I have started unpacking my books, getting movies that I love, and getting my crafts ready. Not to mention getting ready to write. Writing keeps my mind moving.

I am an engineer, who has long term plans that are not engineering. But that is for another day.

Life is always moving. We just have to figure out if we are supposed to walk, run, or swim.


One thought on “Blog Post: Unpacking Update

  1. Good luck in the new city! I just read your post from a year ago, titled “Motivation,” and it seems like things are on the upside. Change can be rough, but it’s good, too. Like you said, walk, run, or swim!


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