A few tips:

This isn’t your house. You don’t HAVE to unpack everything.

Unpack everything you want to use or have on display right away so it can find a home.

Everything has a home. Even if that home is sitting on the counter.

Vacuum more often than you think you should. It makes it easier for when you move out.

If you don’t organize now, you never will.

Be prepared to clean things you didn’t know you would have to. I am vacuuming things that should have already been cleaned. 

If you are living by yourself, be realistic about how much food you eat. Don’t throw away food just because there was no way you were ever going to eat it.

If you aren’t good at meal planning, pack snacks for your meal. Bring fruits and cheese and crackers. Have something that you can always put in your lunchbox that you know you will eat.

Same goes for the house. Sometimes it is too much work to go outside!


5 thoughts on “Just Moved Into Your Apartment?

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