Pirates of the Caribbean 5: A Review of the End

SO MANY SPOILERS because there is no other way to discuss this film.

I honestly had no idea what the premise was when the movie began. Oh, I think I saw a teaser trailer at some point, but it is Pirates and I knew I would see it no matter what. I am one of those weird people who actually liked the 4th.

This movie gets back to its roots and closes up the bonus scene from the third movie from oh so long ago! I must say, I like the supporting cast – our love birds – a lot. They have actual people who don’t think the world of Jack. Also, shouldn’t Jack be older by now?

Off track, so this follows Will Turner’s son, Henry, Jack, and a random girl liking for the Trident. Oh, and the first enemy Jack ever made. That too.

I would say the pacing is good and this movie has some real gems in it. It is also a good wrap up to the series. I do wonder though if the compass story is nullified in an earlier movie. Sincerely, I remember very little of how it came to be. 

Overall enjoyed it and recommend. 


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