And so, our favorite Oddy returns!

Things that I enjoyed about this book: the plot was completely different from the first book. This may sound like such a simple thing, but considering how long this series is, and how proficient a writer Dean Koontz is, this was a sincere concern I had.

This story picks up a few months after the last. The second manuscript that was apparently unexpected. I will say that I enjoyed the first book more, where we had an Odd who was more full of life in all of the little ways, not just the big.

Odd’s best friend, who I don’t remember seeing much, if any, of in the last book, has been kidnapped. And odd uses him astigmatism to try to find him. Don’t worry, it isn’t what you think it is. Trust me.

I do recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the first, enjoys somewhat spiritual books, likes the supernatural, or enjoys books that are not dripping with sexual tension at all times.

Worth the read, Dean Koontz did it again with this second novel.


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