Thank you for a good Block Buster movie! King Kong is a classic that never seems to retire from Hollywood. I think only movie buffs, though, have seen most of the older generation iterations. I wonder how many have seen the Jack Black Kong? (Or, how many remember it?)

It is refreshing to have a few non-American characters, and I like the angle they approach this interpretation. Military backing, and an island that has been hidden by the storms. This movie also follows a few characters, not just sticking to a heroine for the majority of the movie.

I do appreciate that the lone female is not an actress but instead a photographer. I don’t appreciate that she doesn’t have her hair pulled back.

Yes, let the military guys blow stuff up.

I do enjoy the two intros that King Kong gets.

Thank you for intelligent characters! The motivations and actions are clear and realistic. I would not have chosen all of those actions, but I understand the thought behind them.

Could be my favorite interpretation of King Kong yet.

That being said, some of the creatures are a bit ridiculous. And they made 1 stupid choice. It is a Hollywood movie.

Still have the kid character that the experienced outdoors-man views as his buddy.

And what a tracker! thank you for giving us characters with depth, again. (And Tom Hiddleston in this role.)

Samuel Jackson got the bad role again…

Good movie – all of the actors did wonderful, particularly Mr. Hiddleston. Definitely a movie I will be watching over and over agian!

(If you want more spoilers/opinions leave a comment and I will come back and add more.)


2 thoughts on “King Kong Skull Island: A Movie Review

  1. Interesting! I have literally heard nothing about this movie yet, but had been curious. Like you said, Kong is a classic, and you never know when one of these movies is going to be amazing. I liked the Jack Black remake quite a bit (especially the giant insects), but some of it was a bit drawn out or overdone (I’m looking at you, avalanche of dinosaurs).
    I just might have to check this one out, though.


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