Okay, so I am writing this instead of cleaning and packing for the weekend. Yeah. Well. That is happening. So, I do enjoy country things. And city things. A bit between the two as well. That and the first song wasn’t horrible.

HOWEVER, it looks like some kind of bad lip syncing… But I would likely enjoy having the soundtrack for this.

Starts out with two brothers, one with his own family and heading off to war, and the other a mechanic. Cue pretty girl for the younger brother.

But, I do like the boys character. A lot. He is a good guy.

This strikes me as a well done Christian movie. I enjoyed it. Lots of singing, and the best, I think, are the brothers. I actually do recommend this movie if you like realistic movies and musicals.

4/5 stars from me. A very good family movie that would open up some conversations. It is all country music, so if you do not like country, do not watch this.


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