Let me begin with an honest truth: I have not finished this book.

Let me continue with: I will one day finish this book. However, this is a novel that is not conducive to coming and going and only reading a page or two here and there.

Severance Lost is set in a new world with some new rules. Here we meet Slate, a warrior doing what so many do, competing in a combat competition. But, there is more going on in this world than just a simple fighting here and there. He has had a spell cast upon him, and may hap has a destiny that no one knew of.

This book took a solid 3 chapters to get into. I am interested in this book, and how it gets to the complex ending that is contains, but it is not a summer read. It would be if my summers consisted of lazing about all day, in which case I would have had this book finished long ago.

Opening with a bit too detailed fight scene, I think this book could have a lovely home in the hearts of those who enjoy true fantasy adventure. Quill has executed a novel that will be sure to entertain those who enjoy fighting scenes, magic trickery, and a variety of back stories. This story takes place in a society that has concurred and consumed many other villages and peoples.

Not a bad book, but certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Adventure fans should be sure to give this book a try, and I feel that anime fans may find a special home for this book in their inked hearts.

This is a self-published book, which in this instance means it is not a mainstream book and that there are a few places where the paragraph isn’t tabbed over as my editing mind tells me it should be.


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