Game of Thrones: Thoughts and SPOILERS

I am a terribly selfish person. Occasionally, I will miss someone then feel lonely. Particularly after an initial parting.

But, more often, I am lonely then I miss someone. Such as tonight.

Tonight I watched an AMAZING episode of Game of Thrones (how certain people lived… I honestly don’t know), but at the end I looked around my empty apartment, and I wish I had been home with my parents to watch it.

I have to remind myself that this move was, IS, good for myself. That it is good for my career. That I was being stifled at the last job and was attaching myself to a product I didn’t believe in. Even though some of my coworkers were amazing and I, of course, miss the South something fierce.

All because of an amazing episode. And the start of the week, of course.

Now, down to business. The last of the Starks (the true Starks) are all in Winterfell. Things are going to happen! And I hope Arya doesn’t kill Littlefinger, I know a lot of people don’t like him, but I like his planning.

THAT BATTLE. Yes, that needed all caps. That was amazing, and proved that, unless it gets infected, the giant crossbow is not an instant kill to the dragons. Yay!

I was so worried that Dani would die. And Lanister should have. Seriously. I did like the new guy who had been friends with High Garden.

So, a little reflection, a little sadness, and some Game of Thrones.


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