Interesting Engineering: A Site Review

I get daily e-mails from Interesting Engineering. This is a site that is run by engineers, I believe mostly students, that covers news that should be pertinent to engineers. Which is true, I do look at a good chunk of the news that comes to me in my inbox.

However, the lack of any clear oversight is terribly irritating. The grammar is often incorrect, their ideas and concepts incoherent because of it. The layout makes it difficult to look at. Adds spread around it randomly, so clearly striving to get every once of monetization they can possibly get, and it is so annoying.

I do not appreciate it. If you are putting those many ads on, improve the look of your site and have an editor on staff!

Maybe the layout only bothers me. Maybe it only looks cheap to me. But, that is my opinion. I will keep looking at my e-mails from them and occasionally reading their pieces. But, generally, I am disappointed.


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