One Grave at a Time: An Audio Book Review

Written by Jeanine Frost, this is NOT the first book in this series. This does not make me happy, as the library that I rented this from didn’t tell me which was first, and that is  my number one complaint. Just include it in the title!!

And, I don’t know if I will be listening to the rest of the novels or reading them. I will be reading them.

This urban fantasy novel follows Cat and Bones as they deal with a killer ghost. There, that is all I will say. OH, and that Cat and Bones are both vampires.

So, why will I be reading the rest of this series? The writing style. It is very modern, this is by no means a classic novel, and dry and witty. I have issues with the characters because it takes them far too long to realize things I thought of instantly, which sucks a little bit. This isn’t a fantastic book. This is just interesting enough for my joy of books about this subject. This is the kind of book series that makes a good on-going series. They can be read individually, partially because there are a bit too many references to previous books, and still enjoyed.

Why might I not be listening to the other books? THIS READER’S MALE BRITISH ACCENT IS HORRIBLE! Otherwise, she is great. But, when she reads Bone’s accent, I just hate him. I highly doubt his voice would sound anything like hers. He is supposed to have a lovely deep British brogue.

No spoilers this time. Well, that weren’t already included.


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