Drinks Gone Bad: The First

These are alcoholic drinks. These are things NOT to do.

So, the background:

One of my favorite drinks to order at a bar, possibly my favorite, is called a Sasha. Root Beer and Baileys. So good, it tastes just like a root beer float.

Now, I am not a bartender. I would love to learn those skills, but the books I have don’t cover this particular drink, and I honestly don’t drink alcohol all that often outside of a bar. So, I wanted to try my hand at this.

Big mistake.

1st, I bought the 4 small pack of Baileys. I think I will need to save to get the real stuff, in a good sized bottle.

Then, on two different weekends, I tried two different methods. Neither worked.

The first was using an off-brand root beer because that was what I could find. DO NOT DO THIS. It foams and removes all of the cream and just…. no. If you are willing to chug, it could be good.

Then I tried with root beer Schnapps. Better, but way too strong tasting.

I have not yet found the secret. I don’t know if I want to continue…


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