A Month of Audio Books: Thoughts on the Subject

I still prefer to read my book, on my own. I have been listening to these for a month, I always debated listening to them at all, but have found that I needed something and that this was the best way to kill two birds with one stone. Shall I proceed with a list?

The Good:

  1. Get through the book list as I drive. (And why I now have so many mainstream books)
  2. Sometimes, the voices are great. (Be on the look-out for High Rise with Tom Hiddleston review)
  3. It is great for plays. Seriously, fantastic. Now, can we get The Bard in Original Dialect? Please?
  4. My local library has a wonderful selection that I can rent out right to my phone.
  5. Sometimes it is nice to listen to someone reading as you fall asleep. Or when you are out camping and keep imagining noises.

The Bad:

  1. Some readers should only read and not do any voices. This is the biggest thing, particularly with a lot of the female readers. YOU CAN NOT DO A MALE VOICE, SO STOP. Some readers, like the reader for The Winter Witch just reads it how SHE would say that, not with a male voice.
  2. Some voices are just terrible. Did y’all not actually have tryouts for readers? Did you not look?
  3. The pacing! I get it, I can speed it up, but I already listen at 1.2x and it sounds odd. A little skippy. I can read MUCH faster than I can listen, but this is something for my weekend 3hr one way drives. I have learned that few people are okay with talking on the phone on a Friday afternoon.
  4. It seems like words/paragraphs are skipped over. Could be an effect of the skippy bit mentioned above.
  5. Selection. I rent mine from the library, and not every book will have an audio books.
  6. It makes me a little less tolerant of getting through a book that holds no interest for me.

Will I continue to listen to audio books? Yes. I drive a lot, and at the minimum there is an hour a day that I can spend to work towards reading (and reviewing) that many more books.

But, it may lead to more “main stream” books that do not get favorable reviews from me.


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