All the Books, All the Reviews

Hello, hello!

Why yes, if you are subscribed to me, you do get a TON of e-mails. If y’all haven’t figured it out yet, my goal is to post one review, book, movie, or TV show, everyday. A few times now more than one a day has been posted, but generally that was by accident and I was trying to schedule the review for later (like with this blog post).

For those of you who are not, that is what you get. A lot of reviews, and a good sprinkling of blog posts. Generally about the blog, or about something engineering related. That is where the engineering generally shines outside of science fiction critiques. (THERE IS NO SOUND IN SPACE!)

Why am I doing this?

  1. I am a very fast reader.
  2. Listening to Audio Books really doesn’t take me that long, and I finish, or have been finishing, 1-2 every week. There is 2/7ths of my weekly review needs covered.
  3. I currently have a long list of to-be read books that I need to swim through. Not speed, for I still enjoy them, but I am a fast reader and I want to be able to give good, thorough, precise feedback in a timely manner. I also just love books.
  4. I watch a lot of movies and TV shows. Usually. This summer has been very busy with a big life change and move and such. But give me another month and the movie and TV show reviews should be back in full swing.
  5. I want to review as much as possible. It bothers me that there are so many reviews out there that don’t explain why you might not like the book, or WHO would enjoy the novel (or movie). Particularly with self-published authors. If you are afraid to get an HONEST review (I don’t bother finishing a lot of self-published work), then don’t e-mail me. If you want a real opinion on not just the plot but the writing and view of your readers, come talk to me. I will put you on my calendar.
  6. I have so many reviews. I currently have 24 from publishers and 48 from authors (I PROMISE I AM MAKING MY WAY THERE AND THERE WILL BE A CALENDAR UP SOON FOR SELF-PUBLISHED TO GET AN IDEA OF WHEN THEIR REVIEW WILL BE DONE). If you do not give me a date… well… I will not be held responsible. But, if the summary interests me, I will give it a shot. Worst case, I say that I am not interested in reading it.
  7. Reviewers who don’t actually review books bother me. I am looking at you Booktube. So many books, yet not nearly enough reviews, and not the kind of reviews I generally want to see. And you only review NEW books. I want to know about ANY good books. And you get sent ALL of these books, but how many have you actually read? I will admit, I have been bad in the past about reading the books I have been given, but that is the other reason for trying to post something every day. When I miss a day, I feel almost guilty. This is a good thing for me, for this has always been an excellent motivation tool for me.

Hopefully this is what you are looking for in a reviewing site. I know it is what I have been. Once I make the final leap to upgrade this site, it should get even better.

I want to have a calendar up with some of the posts, and an organized way to lead you to more books you should give a shot, and steer clear of many others!


One thought on “All the Books, All the Reviews

  1. Your candor and reading diversity are appreciated. I really enjoy checking out different book bloggers’ styles and approaches, but it can sometimes feel like some new books and genres have a LOT of bloggers covering them, while others seem overlooked.

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