Monstrous Beauty: An Audio Book Review

Written by Elizabeth Fama, this novel follows a mermaid and the human lives she has affected throughout the centuries.

Have y’all ever watched Dark Shadows? Now, I am talking about the extraordinarily long TV series, not the film staring Johnny Depp. This book is the mermaid version of the first 200 or so episodes.

I enjoyed this novel. I actually liked it a bit more as soon as I realized that was what it reminded me of.

If you thought that show was stupid, DO NOT READ THIS. Just, don’t. If you enjoy paranormal romance, go for this book. If you like fantasy, go for this book (yes, the love interest pays a big role, but it isn’t THAT bad), and if you like historical mystery, go for this book.

I’ll admit, I saw the ending coming. But this was a good book to listen to, and the actress was fitting for a dark mermaid novel. Again, please stop trying to do deep male voices. If you want that, then go get a male actor/reader. Seriously. I vote Tom Hiddleston.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. Not going to give any spoilers away because there are a lot of twists and turns and, should you give this book a shot, I want you to find them all for yourself.


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