The Rest of Us Just Live Here: An Audio Book Review

Written by Patrick Ness, this  book supposedly follows four normal friends while a crazy YA inspired activities occur around them.

I thought this book was not worth my time when I was reading it, but in audio format I enjoyed this. Still didn’t love it. Still terribly disappointed in the fact that no one in this story was actually normal. They weren’t even all human.

This was okay. That’s… it is over hyped. Not very impressed by the story or the writing. The writing wasn’t fantastic, and the story would have been better if it didn’t have the premise of occurring during a YA stereotypical novel. The writing honestly came off more of a play, which would explain why I enjoyed listening to it more than I did reading it.

Because these folks were all far more than “normal” teenagers.

The audio book of this novel was entertaining to listen to, but I wouldn’t recommend actually recommend READING this book. It… it just didn’t catch my attention.


So, Mike is at least bi. You don’t mention THAT many times that you fooled around with your best friend without being at least that.

I thought he and Jason would be together at the end. I didn’t really WANT that, and was happy that they didn’t get together, but still. So obvious.

And the relationship between Jason and Nathan was NOT indicated. At all. I know, we see everything from Mike’s perspective, but no. I just… I enjoyed the relationships between the siblings. And I loved Mel and Steve’s relationship, and would have rather been in her head instead of Mikes.

Yeah… not the best. Not the worst, but…


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