My Guilty Reading Pleasure

I enjoy a good romance. As in, there are certain books that really are not good, but I will keep reading JUST to read every interaction between the two romantic characters.

This isn’t a bad thing in a good series (or when an author refuses to continue their series).

But, it will give a false positive to a book or book series. “Look at all the books that have sold, this must be a great novel!” That is not what is actually causing the sales. There is a single factor that is going into those sales, which is plot line. In reality, I should just write some short stories for myself instead of dumping money down the drain. Or go and re-read the books that I already own.

This is a problem that I am putting on here because I fell prey and have now been trying to catch up on my reading. It isn’t a slump, I have been reading. Its a bit of an addiction. An addiction that isn’t beneficial in the way that my general reading addiction has been (increasing my reading skill and allowing me to read a wider variety of novels than I would otherwise).

I bet you thought this would be a post about something dirty. Shame on you. I will place warnings in all of my reviews if they are an over 18 book, and generally I think that those scenes are not necessary in most books.

More will be coming! (More reviews, and less of my addiction stoppering the flow of reviews.)


2 thoughts on “My Guilty Reading Pleasure

  1. Romance plot lines just have a way of hooking some people.
    I don’t know if you’ve watched Stranger Things on Netflix, but there’s a romance subplot in that show. I was watching it with my wife, and the romance subplot was what she was most concerned about. There were people whose lives were in peril, and she was more worried about how the high school kids’ relationships would turn out. It cracked me up.


  2. Love the photos and the progress. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of my projects this year and have found all of these wonderful blogs a great source of inspiration, not only for ideas but to give me the drive to complete my to-do list. Keep up the great work 🙂


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