Nothing: A First Impression

Written by Annie Barrows, this is actually a book I think that parents of teenagers should read.

Yes, some teenagers do use this language. I didn’t, but some did. Also, not all teenagers do EVERYTHING these two girls do, but I think this will give parents a decent understanding of their kid’s point of view and what it was like to be a teenager.

Many of us forget. We forget why we wanted to leave home. We forget why we behaved the way that we did.

This book follows two teenage girls who share their day-to-day lives, which compared to a YA novel, are boring. The write about “nothing”. But, everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is different. And, like I said, this is actually a very relatable story, based on the first few chapters only.

I recommend that parents of teenagers should read this novel. At least the first 4 chapters.


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