Written  by Caragh M. O’Brien, this novel follows Gaia Stone as she tries to make a new home in a land with strange customs and a mysterious illness that prevents anyone from leaving town.

If you enjoy dystopian novels that DON’T focus on insane fighting, you will enjoy this novel. I have mixed feelings about how some of the relationships played out in this novel and how they handled character development of Gaia herself, but this was a good novel.

It is a bit of a thought provoking novel. In this society, women rule and men have no say. This is a look at how, just by changing the sex of the rulers, that doesn’t make a bad system suddenly work.

I did not realize this is the second book in a series. I have not read the first, and honestly didn’t realize at any point this was part of a series. This novel CAN be read on its own, though I am sure having read the first one certain decisions would make more sense.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel. The writing was done well and the pacing of the story was decent, keeping the story moving.

Fans of YA will enjoy this novel, and those who are looking for a different type of dystopian novel.

The reader for this novel, a woman, was decent. Her pacing sounded a bit forced, but she didn’t try to do an unreasonable male impression.


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