The Graveyard Queen: A Series to Review

I have not read the Awakening. In fact, the reason I am writing this without having read that book is an interesting story. I already talked about that.

I look at this series (which was written in 2011, 2 in 2012, 2 in 2016, and 1 in 2017) and have to ask why I enjoy this series?

The writing is excellent. What do I mean? Stevens has created characters that are steadfast in who they are but have the ability to grow as they learn and experience more, which is rare to truly find. Usually, characters will change so much that it becomes difficult to reconcile the final characters with those met in the first book. This series has its adult characters grow and show us the facets, but we still have the same good characters.

The characters are compelling. In them I see parts of me, and things that I want to see in other people. In the supporting characters I see traits in those around me. Stevens has built a world that is grounded in our own.

I also like that the paranormal aspect has grown throughout the series, but it grows at a pace. We see the paranormal grow in a rate that lets us keep up with what is going on without randomly dropping in new tidbits.

The word choice and sentence structure. I know, most readers honestly don’t care about this. But the writing flows. At times I do think that there is more verbal communication than would actually occur in these situations, but she does have to convey the information somehow.

Mostly, I think it is that I feel like some of my personality is reflected in Amelia. Her loneliness. How she cannot let go of her love. How she is loyal to only a few, and wary of everything around her.

I enjoy this series. Though, I definitely only like some of the covers.


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