Amanda Stevens, why are you so good at hooking me?

Now, I have already covered that this is full of spoilers. So, let us continue.

Kendrick. I knew you didn’t have a chance because, clearly, Amelia is not finished with Devlin, but I am honestly so very surprised that Amelia fell for this. He had a skull on his hand, for pity’s sake.

Though, Angus liking him, and what he said to Angus, I must admit was convincing.

You are a sweet warrior. No? A ferocious boy. We are like you and me. We carry the scars of our defeats as proudly as we celebrate our victories.

p. 263, The Sinner, Amanda Stevens (French to English translation)

Isn’t that BEAUTIFUL? Honestly, I might copy that over in French onto a piece of paper and turn it into some gorgeous lettering. That, literally that statement, made me want to meet someone who speaks French and possibly be okay with them whispering sweet nothings into my ear. Okay, a guy with a deep voice doing that, but still.

And that is what makes this book so well written. We knew he was bad news, but he seemed so good!

And the fact that Devlin may have magic. HE MAY HAVE MAGIC! I am so glad that I didn’t have to wait year after year for these books to come out and can just binge them.

And Goodwine is dead. (Am I the only person who pronounces that Good-win in their head?) And he was under the bed the whole time. I… I really don’t get why he didn’t tell her where he was. She really could have helped him. He wasn’t dead that long, I don’t think based on the description, so she was there when he was.

But he didn’t.

Is Devlin happy now, I wonder?


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